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9/15/2010 - Learn How To Lower Your Heating Oil Prices

Consumers Find Lower Prices On Heating Oil By Micro Clustering With Pilgrim Oil Group.

For many homeowners in the Northeast, heating oil has been the energy choice for  its reliability and stability.  Over the past couple of years, heating oil has been all but  stable.  Consumers have seen fluctuation of a dollar on a gallon and in some areas  even more.  As heating oil prices rise beyond expectation, many families are reaching  for an extra blanket and in some cases a part-time job just to pay for their heating oil.

Many consumers are taking control of their heating oil costs by joining Pilgrim Oil Group in clusters.  Consumers are calling not just for themselves but to cluster  family and friends that reside in the same geographic area.  Residential developments and sub-divisions are forming sub groups to micro cluster their entire area.  Pilgrim came up with the micro clustering concept so organizations can pool their resources to leverage their purchasing power for home heating oil., a subsidiary of Pilgrim Oil, is revolutionizing the way consumers purchase home heating oil.  In 2003, John Cardinale, President of Pilgrim Oil, decided after nearly seven decades of traditional service, to restructure the entire way Pilgrim Oil would do business.  An oil buying group was born.  Read news.
Pilgrim's umbrella of protection shields members from artificial margin increases, so that every member receives the best heating oil price accompanied with the highest level of service.

Pilgrim Oil Group together with oil for bringing you the most up-to-date current heating oil price, daily oil price and today's oil price.