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9/28/2010 - Maine Heating Oil Prices On The Rise

Heating oil prices are creeping up in Maine. According to the Governor's Office of Energy Independence and Security's weekly oil survey, the current statewide average cash price for No. 2 heating oil now stands at $2.59 a gallon, up a penny for the second week in a row.

OEIS Director John Kerry says although federal data shows an increase in crude oil
and gasoline inventories, signs of economic growth in Germany and some positive
economic signs in the U.S. are driving up heating oil prices.

Kerry is urging Maine residents to tighten up their homes and businesses. To help, 
he says Efficiency Maine has loosened requirements for qualifying for incentives for 
energy improvements.

The agency has removed a September 30 deadline for completing a home energy audit
in order to qualify for the incentives, which can save homeowners a lot of money. But
Kerry says the improvements must still be completed by December 31 of this year.

Actual heating oil prices in Maine varied widely in the OEIS's latest survey, with the lowest
price of $2.35 a gallon found in the southwest and west, and the highest price of $2.83 a
gallon found in the north.

Kerosene is currently selling for a statewide average of $2.96 a gallon, two cents more than
last week, while propane, based on a use of 600 gallons a year, is going for $2.67 a gallon,
up three cents.

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