Oil For Less commercial consumers save by purchasing discount heating oil as a group. 

Pilgrim Oil Group, and its wholly owned subsidiary Oil For Less, is constantly scanning computer screens linked to global markets. Pilgrim looks to take advantage of small shifts  in price so they could pass the savings on to their commercial heating oil members.

Pilgrim's service is like no other; we are in constant contact with our commercial oil members, giving them the option to buy on the dips.

Come on board....IT's FREE......Enjoy the benefits that thousands of Pilgrim Oil Group  members have taken advantage of.  WE WORK HARD TO GET YOU THE BEST HEATING OIL PRICES!

Pilgrim Oil has No. 2, No 4, and No. 6 heating oil for less - available throughout New York,  New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.  We handle office buildings, hotels, factories, hospitals, schools, apartment buildings, and more.

Managed by professionals with an extensive background in the heating oil industry, we  understand what commercial building owners are looking for in a heating oil provider.

Oil Traders......not just on Wall Street......

Enjoy the Pilgrim experience!