The price of heating oil changes rapidly throughout the trading day rendering most consumers helpless against the market volatility and obtaining affordable oil prices.  Finding current prices on heating oil in your area can be painstaking task, you either have to know someone in the oil business or be a commodities trader.

Pilgrim Oil together with Oil For Less is changing the face of the fuel industry through group purchasing, an affordable way to to purchase heating oil on a budget.  Group purchasing is an entity that was created to leverage the purchasing power of a group of consumers to obtain discounts based on collective buying.  One aspect of the group is to make sure current prices are monitored on a continual basis so that members are always receiving the lowest heating oil price.

Oil demand is seasonal, there is an imbalance between current heating oil prices in the summer and winter months.  Demand for heating oil is low in the summer months and as inventories build up downward, pressure is exerted on prices.  As demand begins to increase in the winter months and the temperature drops, heating oil prices are pulled in the opposite direction.

When you become a member with Pilgrim Oil Group together with Oil For Less, you are under the umbrella of protection against heating oil prices being artificially inflated.  With Pilgrim Oil there is a predetermined margin price with distribution based on the NYMEX to avoid this issue so members will always receive the lowest affordable oil prices.  

Becoming a Pilgrim Oil Group member has its privileges:  affordable heating oil, margin assurance, discount fuel prices, free service contract*, energy efficiency testing, and so much more.

Find out the current price of heating oil in your neighborhood and start purchasing Oil For Less, a more affordable way to purchase fuel on a budget.