Companies can save up to $1.00 a gallon when purchasing diesel at discount prices as members of a fuel buying group.  Have you been looking for a way to purchase affordable diesel fuel with a price that is consistent with the market?  There are many fuel companies online that pretend to sell discount diesel fuel, however, most of them fall short of actually fulfilling their promise, artificially raising prices to capitalize on profits.

Oil for Less is a buying group organization geared toward discount pricing on diesel fuel, propane, and other petroleum  products.  Anyone can say they sell discount fuel but Oil for Less proves this on a day to day basis; helping group members purchase diesel at affordable prices.  Since inception, Oil for Less has stood the test of time, never straying from its core business, supplying discount fuel throughout its entire coverage area.  

The promise that we made over two decades ago was to help our group members save on heating oil; we are doing the same with our diesel fuel community.  There were many naysayers in the beginning claiming that we would not e able to accomplish this task, however, with sheer dedication and perseverance we were able to make Oil for Less one of the largest discount fuel buying groups in the U.S.

Have you ever felt that your diesel prices were too high?  You don't have to guess any longer,  Pilgrim will give you updated prices on diesel fuel in your area.  If you've been looking for  a new and unique way to purchase diesel fuel at discount prices, see why so many diesel customers made the switch. Learn more about us.

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