Consumers save when purchasing diesel fuel at discount prices as members of the Pilgrim Oil Group and its wholly owned subsidiary Oil For Less.  Pilgrim has secured long term contracts with many of the city's premier diesel fuel suppliers, offering members the best price along with prompt and courteous service.  

With Pilgrim's new and innovative approach to offering diesel fuel at the best possible prices, we give customers the confidence that their load will be delivered on time, every time, with a safe and secure system in place. 

We see diesel fuel being used all around us. Many delivery trucks, as well as trains, buses, boats, construction equipment and military vehicles have diesel engines.  Diesel fuel is also used in generators to produce electricity. As well as many large buildings, industrial facilities, hospitals, and schools which have diesel fuel generators for backup and emergency power.

Group members pay less when purchasing diesel fuel because of its unique and economical method of distribution.  Pilgrim has teamed up with Diesel for Less, which enables diesel fuel to be delivered to locations already in route. 

Click diesel fuel from the dropdown menu in the contact us form or call at 1-800-774-0062.  It's that easy! Also ask about our fleet fueling program that saves companies time and money by having their vehicles fueled and ready for the next work day!

As a company, we work hard to make sure that our group consistently exceeds the expectations of our customers with discount diesel prices and service. Learn more about us.