Heating oil tanks are a safe and reliable source to store heating oil in the United States.   Over 8.5 million consumers in the US use oil to heat their homes.  Most of these consumers store their oil in 275 or larger 550 gallon heating oil tanks. Heating oil tanks come in different sizes.

Types of Heating Oil Tanks

Aboveground tanks:

Aboveground heating oil tanks can be in the basement, utility room or attached garage of the home. Most inside tanks are between 275 and 330 gallons.

Aboveground heating oil tanks can also be located outside the home and are usually 275 gallon tanks as well.  They are typically located to the rear of the home or along- side the structure.

Underground tanks:

Underground heating oil tanks are usually larger than aboveground oil tanks;  holding 550 or 1,000 gallons of heating oil.  They may be buried in the yard in various locations outside the home.  In recent years, heating oil tanks have become more reliable.  New and innovate technologies are enabling these heating oil tanks to gain in popularity.

Oil tank life expectancy:

The life expectancy of buried heating oil tanks vary depending on the materials used in their manufacture, how the oil tank was installed, and the composition of the surrounding soil.  Most heating oil tanks last many decades without problems.  Proper installation and maintenance can further increase the life span of your oil tank.

Heating oil tank replacements:

If your current heating oil tank needs to be replaced, you have options.  Replace a buried oil tank with an aboveground tank.  These tanks are normally smaller 275 or 330 gallons, and can be customized for hard to fit places.  Aboveground oil tanks can also be installed outside a home and hidden in a heating oil tank enclosure.

Heating oil storage:

Having a heating oil tank on your property puts you in control of your comfort.