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12/28/2019 - Affordable Oil Prices - Discount Heating Oil

Find a more affordable and sustainable way to purchase heating oil at discount prices.

Consumers save $300 to $500 a year when purchasing heating oil at affordable prices as members of a fuel group.  Have you been looking for a way to purchase affordable heating oil with a price that is consistent with the market?  There are many oil companies online that pretend to sell affordable heating oil, however, most of them fall short of actually fulfilling their promise, artificially raising prices to capitalize on profits.

Oil for Less is a buying group organization geared toward affordable pricing on heating oil, propane, and other petroleum products.  Anyone can say they sell discount fuel but Oil for Less proves this on a day to day basis, helping group members purchase heating oil at affordable prices.  Since inception, Oil for Less has stood the test of time, never straying from its core business, supplying affordable heating oil throughout its entire coverage area.

The promise that we made over two decades ago was to help our group members save money on their heating oil by supplying a consistent affordable price.  There were many naysayers in the beginning claiming that we would not be able to accomplish this task, however, with sheer dedication and perseverance we were able to make Oil for Less one of the largest affordable heating oil buying groups in the U.S.

Over two decades ago the phrase discount heating oil or affordable heating oil prices was not in any fuel company's vocabulary.  Overtime, as popularity grew with the Oil for Less brand, more and more companies tried to emulate the concept, and failed miserably over time, forgetting that you can't just say you sell affordable heating oil, you actually have to do it!

If you're in the market for COD heating oil, also known as cash on delivery, or prefer automatic fuel deliveries with or without the service contract, Pilgrim is here to help.  If you're interested in a more affordable and sustainable pricing structure to purchase heating oil, Oil for Less has the answer.  Contracts and free service contracts vary from area to area, when calling ask your representative what special promotions are available in your area.

Isn't it time you purchased Oil for Less, an affordable and sustainable way to purchase heating oil.