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10/22/2020 - COD Heating Oil - Buyer Beware

Not all COD heating oil companies are alike.

Everybody wants to find the best price when buying things, especially when it comes to staying warm or heating their homes or business. COD heating oil, also known as cash on delivery, has been around for a long time helping buyers purchase fuel at discount prices with no contractual obligation. The COD method of purchasing fuel has been instrumental with helping buyers shop around for the best heating oil prices. 

COD heating oil has some controversy throughout fuel companies that prioritize their main demographic as a customer being on automatic delivery. Automatic delivery is just another way heating oil companies deliver fuel to their customers. With automatic delivery, you do not need to monitor your tank as the company will make periodic deliveries throughout the heating season. 

"Buyer Beware", not all COD companies are alike. Some practice in an unethical way when selling heating oil to potential customers. COD heating oil prices could be very enticing in the beginning, giving customers false reassurance that the price will be that low throughout the heating season. Just because you purchased heating oil on a COD basis from a particular company in the past at a great price, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to get the best price again. 

At Oil For Less we believe that honesty and loyalty play an integral role in the success of our organization, now and moving forward. COD heating oil prices are based on the market and move accordingly, protecting customers against artificial spikes and eliminating the greed factor. 

We have examined many factors that come into play when researching COD heating oil providers, weather cycles, and sales timing; as well as different money saving discount techniques including coupons, rebates, and first time COD delivery discounts. We hope all of this information will help you become a more savvy and educated shopper when looking for a new COD heating oil provider.