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3/9/2013 - Oil Tank Insurance

Oil Tank Leak Protection the Flipside to Oil Tank Insurance Creating Consumer Awareness

Oil tank insurance has become very difficult to find since most major insurance companies are  not offering it to their customers.  Heating oil tank leaks can become very costly to a homeowner  unless proper measures are in place to protect them against such a discharge.  The liability has  grown too expensive for most conventional insurance companies to offer oil tank insurance.   However, having your oil tank checked periodically can save you money, and lessen the  environmental impact on your property if a leak occurs.  If you have an in ground or above ground oil tank, Pilgrim Oil Group can help you find oil tank leak protection policies at discount prices.

If you have been looking for oil tank insurance, this is the time to look into oil tank leak protection. Consumers are covered up to $100,000 in cleanup, periodic inspections are done free of charge, the policy is fully transferable if you decide to sell your home, and there are no inspection fees. This oil tank leak protection service is underwritten by an A rated insurance company.  Feel free to contact us at anytime to discuss oil tank leak protection service, an alternative to oil tank insurance. 

Pilgrim together with is educating consumers about oil tank insurance and fuel tank leak protection services that are available to them.  Experience the purchasing power that  has been pre-negotiated when obtaining oil tank leak protection.

Pilgrim Oil Group is creating consumer's awareness about oil tank insurance and alternative ways homeowners can protect themselves in case of oil leaks.  Take advantage of Pilgrim's experience and knowledge of oil tank insurance at no cost to you.

Oil tank protection you need, for the price you want........