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12/11/2019 - On-Site Diesel - Fleet-Fueling

Diesel fuel on site delivery service for less, find out how companies are saving purchasing diesel and fleet-fueling as a group.

Pilgrim Oil Group has joined forces with Diesel for Less providing on-site deliveries to a large array of commercial customers.  This collaboration will provide diesel for fleet-fueling, construction job sites, industrial plants, apartment complexes, warehouses, hotels, hospitals, and more.  Pilgrim will deliver your diesel fuel wherever you want it, whenever you need it, all at an affordable price.

What does on-site fueling consist of?  It provides a value-added benefit that reduces the operating costs while increasing your bottom line.  With on-site fueling your company will reduce their overall costs because it eliminates the losses incurred by having employees fuel your vehicles.  Pilgrim will deliver your diesel day or night on a one time (will call) or automatic delivery basis.

Studies have shown that companies find it easier to have on-site fueling because it reduces unnecessary time spent at the fuel station.  Pilgrim Oil and Diesel for less want to create a win-win situation for your company and your employees by pushing boundaries and taking the stress out of unnecessary situations and helping companies increase their bottom line.

Pilgrim together with Diesel for Less strive for efficiency which increases productivity for our commercial customers.  We do this by eliminating an extra step in your routine that consists of waiting in line to fuel vehicles.  This allows your company to focus more on deliveries, and less on the mundane tasks.

On-site and permanent generators for rent

Are you in need of a rental generator?  Pilgrim Oil Group has the option of delivering towable diesel, propane, or gas-powered generators to your job site, on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.  Want a generator permanently installed?  We can also provide you with one for your home or business.  Rental Generators For Less.